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My Messy Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Peanut butter and jelly.  Makes a great meal for your kids.  Wall decoration? Not so much.  About a month ago my toddler was eating eating a pb&j sandwich and I happened to turn my head away for a couple minutes.  I came back to find there was half her sandwich stuck to the wall, sliding down by the peanut butter.  Most of the time I would get irritated at this sort of thing but this time I laughed.  It was just that ridiculous.  I even posted it on Facebook.   

What's worse is its not 100% off of the wall.  I got what I could remove easily, but every time I walk by it, its a reminder that its something I need to do.  Yet another thing on my to-do list.  But honestly I am willing to sacrifice a little cleanliness around the house if it means I get to do what I love - run my own business and be a mom. 

 If anyone actually saw my glorious peanut butter stain I would probably be really embarrassed.  In fact, some of you are probably reading this and thinking, wow that is really gross.  Haha.  But that's OK.  I am finding that I like my life messy.  I like having 1000 things to do and not enough time to do it (although it stresses me out at times).  Some things are bound to slip thru the cracks. 

If you are a mom are are reading this, or a parent for that matter, and you are behind on your to-do list, it is OK.  Part of self care is being a little easy on yourself sometimes.  In my opinion its the only way to stay sane.  Right now my dishes are piling up, laundry needs to be done, but I will get to it.  Eventually lol.  As soon as my kids nap! (If they nap again ever).